Par Tòt

Gorgeous two-storey villa, exclusively positioned without being cut off from its surroundings, immersed in a small oak-wood that will render your stay crisp, even in a roasting day.

Par Tòt proposes garden spaces to relax, dine under the stars and ultimately, slow down.

Comfortably located between Selva di Fasano and Locorotondo, Par Tòt is ideal base to visit Valle d’Itria and, at the same time, enjoy the stunning seaside and beaches of Capitolo, of the Coastal Dunes Regional Park, and the Marine Reserve of Torre Guaceto.

Par Tòt is our home in the first place, that we furnished ourselves with unique handmade pieces. (have a look at @rekrei_it!).

The house, fresh in summer and warm in winter because of it being built in big stone blocks, develops into two independent storeys with entrances on opposite sides. Each storey houses rooms and bathrooms, and provides direct access to the garden.

Par Tòt

Contrada P. Tallinaio, Locorotondo

CIS: BA07202591000013438 e BA07202591000013439